Specialty Meat

From family meat favourites to magnificent gourmet delights, we try to cater to every taste -  including the most abstract requests at Edge Hill Butchery.

Below is a list of some of the more common and regular specialty meats and gourmet meat lines we stock in our shop on Collins Avenue Edge Hill.

We often do customised bulk and private order requests so if you don’t see what you need, please email or drop in and ask us. Using our strong network of industry contacts, we can often find what you’re looking for.

Specialties & Gourmet Meats

Shabu Shabu

Thinly sliced meat. Shabu Shabu has become increasingly popular with the rise of Tepanyaki style cooking in Australia. We will cut any meat to your specific, individual request.


All cuts of veal including steaks, chops, mince, shanks (Osso Bucco) and schnitzels.

Beef Fillet (Tenderloin)

Tender and juicy. Between this, rib eye fillet and our porterhouse (Black Angus) it’s hard to choose which steak is the best!

Black Angus Sirloin

Our Black Angus (porterhouse) will be a standout at your dinner table just like it is in our cabinet.  Tender, juicy, New York cut steak.  Delicious - just the way it should be.

Wagyu Beef

This marbled beef is a decadent favourite, especially in Japan.  We have Wagyu of various scores available through order.

Lamb Backstrap

One of our gourmet lamb specialities and a meat of choice for chefs trying to impress.  Try it slow roasted or seasoned with rosemary.

Pork Belly

A popular inclusion on many fine dining menus, Pork Belly has now become very popular at the family table too thanks to cooking shows like Masterchef and Poh's Kitchen and TV chefs like Gordon Ramsay.  Choose one of our pork belly recipes and try one for yourself!

Prime Rib Steak

A serious steak with serious flavour.  500g+ tender rib eye fillet on the bone - an absolute meat lover's treat.

Please Note: Prices are subject to a number of factors and can change without notice, please check in-store for official pricing.