Free Range Poultry at Edge Hill Butchery is 100% Australian.

Our professional butchers  ensure the taste and quality of our chicken, duck and turkey meets the highest standard.

Our fresh poultry is sourced from ethical poultry producers on the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland. All chickens sold at Edge Hill Butchery are free of added hormones and steroids and have lived in custom built barns with free roam and access to food and water.

We stock all of your family favourites including chicken breast and duck breast fillets, whole chicken roasts, marinated wings and drumsticks, as well as whole birds (small to large).

Speciality poultry including ducklings and Poussins is also available and since Masterchef revealed duck fat as the secret behind magnificent roast potatoes, our duck fat has become very popular!

We make our own Chicken Kiev, (crumbed in our special macadamia crumbs) fresh in store daily. We also stock chicken Maryland and chicken thigh fillets, chicken schnitzels, butterfly chicken, chicken parmigiana, and chicken asparagus and feta breast fillets.

We also sell free range organic chickens from the Organic Food Chain accredited Enviroganic Farm in Murringo NSW.  Regular brown jumbo and extra large free range Yamagishi Happy eggs are always in our shop and we stock hard to find, and gourmet poultry products including chicken necks and livers.

Visit our recipes page for some poultry cooking inspiration.

Poultry Product Highlights

Organic Chickens

Free range organic chickens from Enviroganic Farm in Murringo NSW are a regular item in our shop.  We supply organic chickens from Enviroganic farm because of their exceptional quality, accreditation by the Organic Food Chain Association and 60 year family commitment to organic farming and production.

Ducklings & Duck Breast

Once only a delicacy, duck is appearing on modern family tables more and more.  Duck is an ideal meat to match with fruit like oranges, plums, pears and grapes.  Duck breast is great for Thai red curries, stir-fries and tandoori grills.  Try serving whole roast duckling at your next dinner party, we're sure you will impress!

Chicken Mince

Our chicken mince is made from real chickens with ABSOLUTELY NO ADDITIVES.


A popular favourite at Christmas time and  4th of July celebrations. We have whole turkeys of various sizes available through order year round.

Chicken Shanks

Marinated, seasoned or regular these skinless chicken drumsticks are the ideal meat for a quick, healthy meal.

Please Note: Prices are subject to a number of factors and can change without notice, please check in-store for official pricing.