Lamb at Edge Hill Butchery is 100% Australian.

Our professional butchers ensure the taste and quality of our lamb meets the highest standard. We source our products from ethical farms in the highland regions of New South Wales and Victoria.

Lamb has become very popular thanks to promotions from the Australian heart foundation. We have all cuts of lamb to satisfy this health demand. From A-grade French cutlets to lamb mince and our famous Haloumi lamb burger.

We stock all of your family favourites including lamb shanks, diced lamb, loin chops and forequarter chops. As well as fresh, tender easy carve lamb leg roasts, rolled lamb shoulders and butterflied lamb legs and sought after lamb specialties including lamb backstrap, and lamb brains.

Visit for some mouth watering lamb recipes and cooking inspiration.

Lamb Product Highlights

Lamb Chops

What's your favourite lamb chop? Fresh lamb loin chops, four quarter BBQ lamb chops or Aussie favourite, crumbed lamb cutlets. Whole lamb legs and bulk orders are also available.

Lamb Roasts

Our signature tender easy carve lamb leg roasts are made fresh in our shop daily. Seasoned with fresh rosemary and garlic, they have kept generations of customers coming back for over 75 years. We also have smaller mini lamb roasts with or without mouth watering honey mint marinade.

Lamb Racks & Lamb Cutlets

Lamb racks and cutlets are a popular favourite among many of our customers.  Choose from A-grade French cutlets, crumbed or regular lamb cutlets or try serving a lamb rack next time you're entertaining.  For such a great tasting show stopper, a roast lamb rack is surprisingly easy to prepare.

Lamb Mince

Our lamb mince is made from primary lamb cuts with ABSOLUTELY NO ADDITIVES.

Lamb Shanks

If you haven’t tasted our lamb shanks, you’re missing out. Tender, succulent, to die for.


Please Note: Prices are subject to a number of factors and can change without notice, please check in-store for official pricing.