Beef & Steak

Edge Hill Butchery beef is 100% Australian.

Our professional butchers ensure the taste and quality of our beef meets the highest standard. 

Our beef products are sourced from Australian wide ensuring the highest quality steaks put on your plate.

We sell all of your primary cuts and family favourites as well as beef roasts and sought after specialties like Wagyu Beef, Black Angus Steak, Shabu Shabu and stir fry beef.

Whether you want a prime, juicy steak to enjoy with a bottle of wine, some chunky cuts for a family curry, an easy mince meal, or a magnificent marinated delight, we’ve got you covered at Edge Hill Butchery.

Beef Product Highlights


Edge Hill Butchery stocks the highest quality steaks available from throughout the country. Which is your favourite? Eye fillet (Tenderloin), rump, T-bone, prime rib (with bone), Black Angus (Porterhouse), Wagyu, chuck, blade, skirt and BBQ. Whole rumps, rib eye fillets and bulk orders are also available.

Beef Roasts

The traditional and tasty favourite! Our standing rib, rump, sirloin, blade and oyster blade roasts have kept customers coming back to our shop for over 75 years.  Marinated, seasoned or regular - why not try all three? 

Beef Mince

Our quality beef mince is made purely from lean primary beef cuts with ABSOLUTELY NO ADDITIVES.  

Beef Strips & Special Cuts

Gourmet cuts are our speciality at Edge Hill Butchery. Try ultra thin Shabu Shabu and other Tepanyaki style favourites or pick up some beef strips for a quick and easy stir fry.

Silverside & Brisket

Our corned silverside and brisket are handpicked by our butchers themselves. Kids especially love corned beef fritters made from our ready to eat silverside.

Please Note: Prices are subject to a number of factors and can change without notice, please check in-store for official pricing.