Gourmet Items

At  Edge Hill Butchery we believe quality meat is at the heart of a great meal.

But we know if you add a few gourmet touches like marinades, sauces, herbs and pastas you can turn a great meal into a masterpiece.

Below are some of the regular gourmet and specialty items we have in stock to compliment our tasty beef, lamb, pork, and poultry meats.  

Be sure to visit our shop on Collins Avenue as we have an ever changing, seasonal variety of gourmet items in store.

Browse our online recipe collection for some cooking inspiration and bring a special gourmet touch to your table.

Gourmet Selections

Duck Fat

In vogue thanks to Masterchef, duck fat is your first class cooking secret weapon.  Add a spoon to your roasted potatoes or caramelised winter root vegetables. Earthy winter soups and caramelised chicken thighs are stunning cooked with duck fat too.


Yamagishi "Happy Eggs" are always in the refrigerated display at Edge Hill Butchery.


Gourmet lines

Including beef Wellington Greek parcels and lamb Capreece are handcrafted in store to temp your tastebuds.

Specialty Grocery Lines

Peter Watson handmade sauces and rubs, Murrumbooee spice mixes and sauces. Urban Appetite Gluten Free sauces and dressings, Lillie's Q American sauces, Noble Handcrafted Maple Syrups, WE Rub You Korean BBQ sauces. 
Handmade Barossa Bark to name a few.
Black and White Truffle Oil and Truffle Butter.

Australian Cheeses

Adelaide Hills Camembert and Brie and Tripple Brie, Barossa Camembert and Haloumi, Adelaide Hills Goats Brie and Camembert, Blue Stilton and Cremex Blue, bake and eat Feta selection, Blue Cow Cheddar, Artisians Foods Pate (including Duck and Orange, Chicken and Thyme) and Terrine (Duck and Pistachio),   

Please Note: Prices are subject to a number of factors and can change without notice, please check in-store for official pricing.